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With those winter electricity bills on the rise and the cost of electricity increasing you may be thinking it’s time to make the switch to renewable energy. After all you don’t want that winter sun going to waste.
For most households solar will be the obvious choice. Before you jump in make sure you do your homework on how big a system you need and budget etc this will help narrow down what you are looking for. Keep I mind the bigger the system the more solar you will produce.
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What’s new with SESM?

We have been very busy behind the scenes, we have listened to all of your feedback and have made some big changes to our website. Those on a mobile phone will notice that Save Energy Save Money (SESM) is now mobile responsive making it easier for you to compare energy and prices before you buy your appliance.
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Living Green in Winter


It should be no surprise that winter brings with it the largest quarterly energy bill, that’s why it’s important to get ahead of the game and preempt any issues before they arise. Here are a few tips from the team here at SESM to keep your winter energy bills in check.
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Which Dishwasher to Buy?

Home Appliances

Are there endless arguments in your home about who is going to do the dishes? Let me assure you that buying a dishwasher will not stop those arguments, it may subdue them until the novelty of the new appliance wears off. Once that happens you’re back to the same old arguments only this time it’s who stacks and who unstacks the dishwasher.
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Using Your Washing Machine Efficiently


Wash your clothes efficiently

Making sure you buy the right washing machine for you home needs to be your first step.  A washing machine that’s too small for your home will end up being over used reducing its life span and a machine that’s to bit will simply waste water and energy on every load.  Use our buying guides to ensure you purchase the right washing machine for your home.
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