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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Will “green products” cost me more?

There’s always been a catch when it comes to ‘doing the right thing’ – we often find ourselves asking “how much more will this cost me?”.  Unfortunately the phrase ‘cheap and nasty’ comes from somewhere and whether for organic produce or a first class airline ticket, the things we benefit most from are generally “nice-to-haves” on account of the cost of their cheaper alternative.
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How much more can we take?

Energy plays a major role in Australians lifestyles, whether for cooking, washing, cooling, heating, entertaining or transport. Energy is a major contributor to household costs and has a major impact on the environment.

In 2009, energy usage accounted for more than three quarters (77%) of Australia’s total greenhouse emissions and has increased dramatically since.
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Huge Savings with a Simple Solution

The cost of living is rising and adding to families’ everyday stress. A lack of information about day-to-day energy efficiency and calculations when comparing products can result in poor purchase decisions and a greater strain on your weekly budget.

We would like to welcome Save Energy Save Money – Australia’s first energy efficiency product comparison website.
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