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Monthly Archives: December 2013

New Year’s Resolutions with a Difference!

Everyone makes New Year Resolutions but how many of you actually see these through?

Why not make one this year that helps you Save Energy and Save Money.  With energy prices set to rise in the New Year let’s look at some simple new year resolutions that will help you reduce your energy bills.
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Sustainable Christmas Part 3

Let’s have a look at how to be more energy-efficient this Christmas and save money.

Firstly if you have your house drenched in Christmas lights invest in a timer switch so that you can have them turning on and off automatically in case you forget or are out. There is no need to have you lights on from sun set to sun up, set your timer to have you lights on from 8pm till 10pm, you’ll save energy and keep your neighbours happy.
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Sustainable Christmas Part 2

If you are flying somewhere this Christmas why not pay a little extra and offset your travel emissions, most airlines offer this, they invest in projects that help reduce your carbon foot print in the air. Find out more here http://www.livinggreener.gov.au/energy/solar-wind-hydro/carbon-offsets-abatement .

Drive efficiently over the festive period and this will help reduce your fuel consumption, here are a few simple tips on how to do this:
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How To Have A Sustainable Christmas Part 1

Here are some simple steps to follow to have a sustainable Christmas while Saving Energy, and money!

Before rushing out to the shops to buy all your Christmas gifts have a think about what you’re buying and how it will be received, will it sit in the corner never being used? Are you just buying a gift for Kris Kringe? Instead of heading to the dollar shop why not think about what you can do to make a gift, here is a page with some great gift idea’s http://eartheasy.com/give_tips_for_sustainable_giving.html. Kris Kringels are great idea’s for reducing what you buy therefore saving you money and you can now focus on buying and extra special gift for one person, why not go for an experience to be more sustainable.
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