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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Washing machine front load vs top load

Buying a washing machine and not sure what’s more energy-efficient a top loader or front loader?  Here are some hints and tips from the team at Save Energy, Save Money to help you make a more informed decision.

Top Loaders are the most commonly used in Australia but are they the most efficient?  Let’s find out: top load 1
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How to Reduce Your Refrigerator Energy Consumption

Ok, so you have bought the perfect fridge with a great star rating, that’s half the battle, now let the team here at Save Energy, Save Money help you reduce your energy bill fuConsumptionrther with these top energy-saving tips:

  • Regulate the temperature of your fridge, for maximum energy-efficiency and food safety set your fridge to 4 degrees.
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Get some cold hard facts on Refrigerators

Refrigerators illustrate perfectly how energy efficiency standards can improve appliances and also save energy and save money for consumers. On average refrigerators today use just 25 % of the energy a 1975 model, even though today’s model refrigerator has increased in size by almost 20 % and has features such as ice-makers and water dispensers.
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The Dirt On Vacuums


Here’s an interesting fact for you: back in the 1960’s the average Vacuum cleaner was 500watts these days the average is around 2500 watts, massive difference and it begs the question, are we vacuuming for less time now that we have more powerful vacuums?

It’s estimated in Australia that we typically spend one hour per week vacuuming.  This, rather dull fact, does make it easy to determine how much it costs in electricity usage.  Here at Save Energy, Save Money we have calculated the annual running cost for you, click here to find out how much your Vacuum costs to run.  Please leave a comment on our blog or through our model search enquiry on our website if your Vacuum does not appear on our site and we will calculate the annual running cost for you!
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Get In The Fast Lane With Electric Cars

Here at the Save Energy, Save Money the hot topic is electric cars.  An electric car can be seen as ultimate green statement, especially when the showroom is filled with zero emissions brochures extolling the eco credentials of these cars.  A huge benefit is there are no tail pipe emissions as you travel, which in turn reduces air pollution.
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