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Monthly Archives: March 2014

How to Use your Kettle efficiently

We have recently added a few new categories to the Save Energy, Save Money website.  Click here and compare the annual running cost and compare prices to ensure you get the best deal!  One of our new categories is Kettles.

Not used correctly kettles can be a big energy drainer, so here are a few tips to help you use your kettle efficiently.your-kettle-efficiently
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Hydro Energy Facts

As we have recently moved our electricity supplier to a company that provides us with 100% green energy the team here at Save Energy, Save Money thought we would share some facts on our new green energy.

Here are some facts on Hydro Energy:

First the Science:

Energy FactsWhen energy is generated by mechanical means, a magnet is moved inside a coil of wire and an electric current is produced. In a commercial power station this is done on a large scale – giant electro-magnets are spun inside huge coils of conductor.
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Switching To Renewable Energy

Ok Australia, now everyone can do their bit to reduce their carbon foot print.  We get a lot of questions here at Save Energy, Save Money regarding what to do to reduce your power bills and reduce your carbon foot print.

Renewable EnergyThe obvious choice is switch to a renewable energy source.  Now not everyone can afford solar so a simple step is to switch your energy supplier to one that provides their energy from a renewable energy source.
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How to insulate your house

Adding insulation to your home is a sound investment and will pay for itself in time.  Insulating your home can reduce your power bills by 40%.  In addition, insulation may reduce condensation in the home. This can provide health benefits by reducing mould and damp.  Here are some tips from the team at Save Energy, Save Money:
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Energy Saving Tips for Autumn

Now we are in Autumn and winter is around the corner it’s time to prep your home to take the chill out of your electricity bill.

  • Firstly reverse you fans in the cooler months, the blades should operate in a clockwise direction, helping push warm air down into the room.
  • Dig out those warmer close, you might only need to put and extra layer of clothing on rather than turning on your heater
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