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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Why Are Annual Running Cost’s Important to Know?

When comparing prices of electrical appliances such as air-conditioners, fridges & washing machines etc.  It’s important to also think about the annual running cost and not only the price.  While getting the cheapest washing machine may be important to you right now, what about in 3 months’ time when you get your electricity bill and it’s increased by $100 because of your purchase.
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Ironing Efficiently

You have probably noticed and few new categories appearing on the Save Energy, Save Money website.  One of which is Irons and Steamers which contains; irons, steam irons and garment steamers.  Not only can you compare the annual running cost of these appliances you can also compare prices of irons.

Make sure you always read the care instructions label on your clothing before washing, drying or ironing your clothes.
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New Compare Now Function

Well you asked Australia and the team here at Save Energy, Save Money listened.  We have added a new compare function to our web site.  Not only can you compare prices of electrical appliances such as Fridges, air-conditioners, washing machines and many many more and their annual running cost, but you can now select all the product that you like as you peruse through the website.
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How Accurate Are The Annual Running Costs?

As we are not just a cost comparison website, we aim to not only compare the price of electrical appliances but to also give you and estimated annual running cost so you can make an informed decision on your appliance purchase.

The reasoning behind the creation of the Save Energy, Save Money website was due largely to the lack of information out there on the running cost of appliances.  Now before we get into the actual calculation you have to understand what is being calculated.
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Is it time to replace your Fridge/Freezer?

Fridge not working as efficiently as you like these days?  Let’s look at a few steps to follow before you make that final decision on upgrading.

In the Save Energy, Save Money office our Refrigerator started leaking, my first instinct was to empty and unplug the fridge then  jump on the website and start comparing prices for a new one!  Already I was thinking about what star rating we could look for and how much we could reduce our power bills by.
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