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Monthly Archives: July 2014

What is the renewable energy target?

If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google + then you would have seen we sometimes reference the Renewable Energy Target (RET).

The Save Energy Save Money team have been dealing with a few questions from you on what this actually is.  I thought I would give you all a brief description to clear up some of your questions.
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Recycling White Goods

Today was a little exciting for us here in the Save Energy Save Money offices, our microwave literally blew up!  Has this ever happened to anyone else?  It’s a first for me.

As such I took to the website to find a suitable replacement microwave. Safe in the knowledge that I had found an energy efficient microwave, I made my purchase.  Then the thought occurred to me what do you do with your old microwave when the new one arrives?
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How to Get Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Please refer to previous blog for definition of STCs.

Following on form our last blog about getting a government rebate on your solar system, if you decide to get your STC’s yourself it can be quite complicated process, it’s no surprise Australia that most people choose to get their STC’s through a Solar Agent.  Once you have attained your STC’s you need to wait for a buyer to become available before you can sell these.  If you’re in a hurry to get your solar system installed then this may not be the best path for you.
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How to get a government rebate on solar

Now we are exploring solar in more detail I think it’s wise to firstly look at how you qualify for government rebates.  You’ll notice that a lot of companies advertise qualifying certificates for solar but what does that actually mean?

Well Australia, Save Energy Save Money have done some of the research for you, so hopefully you’re one step closer to reducing your power bills.
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Tips for Buying Solar

There are lots of companies out there now that provide solar panels.  It’s easy to get lost in the sea of information.  The Team at Save Energy Save Money have put a check list together to assist you in your purchase.

Don’t buy solar panels solely based on price as you may end up purchasing the wrong type.  You need to make a list of requirements in what you need from your solar panels before you set about purchasing them, this check list will help you narrow down the search:
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