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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Using Solar To Power Areas of Your Home


We are all looking for ways to reduce our energy and save money.  Unfortunately not every home can install solar panels on their roof, but don’t fear as there are still area’s you can power with solar with very little hassle.

Are you due to do some home reno’s or is it time to upgrade some of your appliances? Hot Water Systems account for around 16% of the average energy bill. The Australian government estimates installing a solar Hot Water System can save you between $300 and $700 per year.  With these savings you can look at a Solar Hot Water System as an investment.  It’s estimated that most Solar Hot Water Systems will pay for themselves in 3 years, after that its money in the bank.
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We Are Here To Help!

In an age where information is just a click away, consumers are given greater opportunities to make informed decisions than ever before. However is being informed always a good thing? We know that Dr. Google gets a serious workout, and that may be a workout that real doctors have to undo every day.
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10 Popular Appliances and how to use Them More Efficiently.

Buying the most energy efficient appliance is not the only way to reduce your energy bills.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly a step in the right direction.  However if you have the most energy efficient appliance but don’t use it correctly it can actually end up costing you more on your energy bills.
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Time to Draft Proof!

During the cooler and warmer months a large portion of our electricity bills will be for electric heaters to warm your home or air conditioner units to cool your home.  Did you know that over 40% of your total electricity bill goes towards heating and cooling?

Wow right, 40% is a massive portion of your electricity bill, in some households this can be reduced by following a few simple steps.
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Sustainable Living So Far……

Being aware of your energy consumption gives you an understanding of how much energy you are using.  This will in turn help you reduce how much energy you use day to day.   Not only does this save you money on your electricity bills but it also reduces your carbon foot print.
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