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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Rebates and Assistance

The Save Energy Save Money team have been busy researching all the rebates and assistance available for you Australia.  Energy bills are set to rise and there is nothing we can do to prevent this in the short term.

cash in a fan rebatesHowever we can cushion the blow.  Even if everyone heavily invested in renewable energy over the next 5 years there is nothing we can do about the inevitable energy price increase.  However the more we invest in renewable energy now the quicker the energy price will start to fall over the longer term.
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House Guests v’s Energy Efficiency

Do you have guests who visit you regularly? Do you find they don’t have the same attitude towards saving energy or sustainable living as you do?  I have recently come across this issue and have found it very frustrating.  Trying to find a balance between being polite and maintaining what I feel is an acceptable standard of sustainable living.
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Living Chemical Free

Chemical Free livingOne of my New Year’s resolutions was to eliminate chemicals from my life.  I wanted to do this as a gradual approach as I knew it would be too difficult to eliminate everything in one go.  Ideally I wanted to make most of my own cleaning products, however this in its self also proved to be a little challenging.  I thought I would give you an update on my journey so far.
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Getting your pool ready for summer?

pool pump

After a bit of research I stumbled across the fact that around 15% of Australian homes have pools, personally I thought this number would have been higher, given Aussies thirst for the outdoors.  If you are one of the lucky households to have a pool then you’ll know all about the cost of running them.
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How to Choose the Right Appliance to Cool Your Home

It’s that time of year where the weather is hotting up and our esquires mailbox is getting hit with questions like; which Air Conditioner units are most efficient? Is it better to use a fan or a portable A/C unit? Would it be more energy efficient to have a ceiling fan or pedestal fan?
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