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Monthly Archives: November 2014

How to reduce your lighting energy consumption

We have been getting a lot of enquiries in the last few months on how to reduce your lighting energy bills.  I am assuming this has a lot to do with the fast approaching festive season.  I thought I would try and answer all your questions in one go.

energy efficient light

Firstly the easiest thing to do is to switch out any incandescent light bulbs (ILB) you have for compact fluorescents (CFLs) or Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).  In other words switch out your light bulbs so they are all energy saving light bulbs.
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The Low Down on Timer Switches

Now you have probably heard me go on about timer switches and how they can help save you money on your energy bills.  If you have forgotten here is a little refresher:

Timer switches can help reduce your energy consumption throughout your home.  Rather than leaving you’re A/C or heating on all day you can set your timer switch to come on 15 mins before you get home, therefore making your home at the perfect temperature!  Go one step further and set them to turn off at night, that way you’re not chewing through your energy bills while you are sleeping.
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5 Energy Saving tips that won’t cost you a cent

Now I am sure a lot of you out there are saving for your summer holiday, and as such I have been working with the team here at Save Energy Save Money to see how we can trim the fat from your energy bills without costing you a cent.

What does that mean for you?  It means cheaper energy bills, money you can put towards that dream holiday.  There won’t be any surprises in these tips, most just need a gentle reminder to start forming good habits in time for summer.
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How to Save Energy This Summer

Now the weather is heating up the best way you can save energy is to head out side and spend time out there.  Cooking and cleaning can be a bit of a chore not to mention the energy it costs you for the privilege.


Easy ways to reduce your energy costs is to cook your dinner on the BBQ, not only will you reduce the amount of energy used on the kitchen from your oven, microwave cooktop etc. you’ll also reduce your cooling bill.  How so?  Well if you don’t have your oven & cooktops on then you won’t be producing heat, requiring less cool air from your a/c unit.
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10 Easy Steps to Reducing Your Carbon Foot Print

carbon foot printIf like everyone else you’re faced with price hikes everywhere your main concern will be to save money.  Saving energy is a great way to start, not only will you save on your energy bills but you will also reduce your greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.

I have been working with the team here at Save Energy Save Money and we have come up with these ten easy steps to follow to help you reduce your carbon foot print and save you money.
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