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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Know your Usage.


Over the festive period we caught up with a lot of friends and family, during which time I was guilty promoting the website to gain not just praise for a great idea, but feedback and questions to allow us to constantly improve Save Energy Save Money. We want to ensure it brings you all the information you need to make informed purchases on electrical appliances.
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An introduction to solar hot water systems

sustainable living

Australia has the highest average of solar radiation per square metre of any country, so solar power is a viable option if looking at renewable energy options. Whether hoping to save money on the power bills, or conscious about the impact of fossil fuel burning on the planet, solar energy can generate between 50% and 90% of hot water needs for the average home.
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Good Investments for the Environment.

renewable energy v's fossil fuels


Good news has been released recently from finance & Utility experts suggesting that renewables are finally on the radar.  Renewable energy resources such as solar and wind and the investment in the technology is the most financially viable option to meet Australia’s future energy requirements.

A report by Ceres, a not for profit organisation, mentions that energy efficiency and renewables are attracting investments as they bring lower risk and will cost less than traditional energy sources using fossil fuels and nuclear power plants.
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What Can a Home Energy Audit do for me?

Home Energy Audit

As the temperature heats up a lot of you have either been upgrading your current air conditioner unit or installing/buying new fans around your home to keep you cool. The problem you will all be facing in a few months is a high energy bill.
There are all the usual checks and precautions you can take such as closing doors and windows, only cooling the rooms that you are in and so on. However that might not be enough. There is a lot that goes into making your home more energy efficient and an in home energy audit can assist you with this.
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Myths busted on CFL & LED Light bulbs.

energy saving light bulb

We are getting a lot of questions to the Save Energy Save Money offices regarding some ‘old wives tales’ people have heard regarding energy saving bulbs and wondering if there are any fact to them.  Let us shed some light on the Myths and highlight the facts on these light bulbs for you!
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