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Monthly Archives: March 2015

To Switch or Not to Switch

Poor customer service

I am sure you have all seen in the press lately how Energy Australia (EA) were fined $1.5 million for duping customers, were you one of those customers?  Well done to all those customers who complained, if it wasn’t for them then a light would never have been shone on the issue.
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Why Should I insulate My Home?


If like a lot of other Australians you are thinking about insulating your home but not 100% sure if it’s the best option for you, then let the team here at Save Energy Save Money give you the facts.

A lot of people think insulating their home is a daunting task and feel buying a reverse split system air-conditioner will do the job just as well.  Unfortunately this is not the case, yes you can buy and electric or gas heater to heat the rooms you are in, or buy portable air conditioner to cool them.  However all this lovely cool and hot air will escape through your roof, walls, ceilings and floors if not properly insulated.
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Which is cheaper? Air Conditioner or Electric Heater?

electric heatervssplit system air coditioner   





Depending on where you live will largely determine how much heating you need in your home this winter.  Those living in QLD will have milder winters and as such will not need as much heat injected into their house to those living in Tasmania. 

It’s important to look not only at the cost of the appliance you are about to buy but also the running cost and efficiency in the space you are looking to heat.  Overall giving you a true reflection of the life time cost.
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Should I buy and Electric Blanket or Electric Heater for the bedroom?

electric blanket

I’m getting a lot of questions from Save Energy Save Money customers regarding electric heaters in in the bed room and would it be more efficient to buy and electric blanket.  In short yes, buying an electric blanket would be cheaper on your winter energy bills than buying an electric heater.
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Forming Good Energy Habits


Now it’s cooling down you may be less inclined to go for a morning walk or evening cycle.  While I would always encourage you to stick on an extra layer of clothes and go for it, I understand that the motivation might not be there in the cooler months especially as the days are getting shorter.
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