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Monthly Archives: May 2015

7 money must-dos in June

Have those financial resolutions you made way back in January taken the backseat? With winter officially here and June 30 just around the corner, now is the perfect time to reassess your finances and reignite your resolutions to ensure you end the year on a money high. Read on as we uncover the top things to put on your financial to-do list over June:
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How House Plants Can Benefit You

the benefits of plants


Adding house plants to your home is not only beneficial to your mental well-being it can also improve the quality of your life.  These wonderful organisms can even prevent you from having to turn on or buy certain appliances such as Dehumidifiers or Air Purifiers.

Here are a few health benefits that owning house plants can assist with:
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Efficient Heating Options

LINDA Electric Blanket photo

Anyone else feeling the pinch of winter? Here at the Save Energy Save Money offices we have our Ugg boots tucked under our desk to keep our feet toasty warm.  But what about the rest of you.  How can you heat yourself up without the energy price tag?

We have a few suggestions for you.  Firstly ensure you are appropriately dressed for the day.  I am a big fan on dressing in layers, that way you can add/remove a layer depending on the outside temperature.
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Crystal Clear Solar Cell – Sourcing Power the New-Age Way

Considering the way solar works, the concept of a translucent solar cell may seem absurd.

PV solar cells absorb photons (light rays) and then convert them into energy (this is achieved by the conversion of light into electrons, i.e. electricity). As such, it’s hard to comprehend how a translucent material allows for solar energy to be produced, because such material naturally allows for light to pass through it.
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Which Appliances are you over working Already?

reduce your energy bills


Before winter hits are you already chewing through your energy?  I know it’s tempting to crank those heaters, however just remember the more you rely on it now the less effective it can be when winter hits.

Here are some appliances that you may be over working and some solutions to help you reduce your energy consumption on them.
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