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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Easy DIY jobs reduce your power bills.

Seal your windows

If you’re following all the energy saving tips and using your appliances efficiently and still looking for ways to reduce your energy bill read on.

Using your appliance efficiently is great but if you have gaps and cracks all your hard work could be seeping out the cracks.  Don’t despair! They are easy fixes, here are a few places to look.
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10 Easy Ways to save on your power bills this winter.

Energy Bill shock

Everyone seems to be feeling the cold this winter and I think this has sent them into panic stations about getting winter electricity bills. We have recently located to new offices where we have solar on the roof. Unfortunately we have had quite a few cloudy days, I am going to be very interested to see what our first power bill will be like.
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Use your AC efficiently this winter.


Well Australia it’s officially freezing and we are seeing more than ever purchases for reverse A/C’s and electric heaters on the site.  We have had lots of questions on how to reduce your energy heating bills this winter particularly when it comes to using your air-conditioner.

Given that your Air-Conditioner can account for up to 15% of your total energy bills you want to ensure you’re not burning electricity needlessly. Here are a few tips put together for you by the team at Save Energy Save Money to take the chill out of your energy bill.
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Top Tips to take the chill out of your energy bills!

winter energy bills


Winter is truly here, we might have lovely winter days but the nights are getting cold cold cold!  It’s always tempting to turn on the heating when you feel the chill but before you do here are some things to consider.

Cook a roast and use your oven to make your meal it adds a warm glow to dinner time, when you have finished cooking you dinner leave the oven door open and let all that lovely heat escape through your house (always ensure its safe first, especially if you have little ones running around).  Check your oven seal isn’t broken or it will be costing you a pretty penny to run, these are usually easily repaired, if however you need to buy a new oven you can compare prices with Save Energy Save Money.
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