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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy.docx

You would think that Australia should be leading the race in renewable energy we may however end up losing it.  With all of our land mass and excess of sunshine you would think we would be a market leader.  It’s quiet an embarrassing state of affairs really.

I guess it just shows you that if fossil fuel companies have control in the media and government they will win the battle (but not the war as renewable energy is inevitable!).  I was hoping the new PM would bring about more of a positive change when he came into power as everything suggested he was a more progressive than our last…  Sadly this is not the case.
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Beat the Heat this summer!

keep cool this summer

Wow spring landed with a bang and I’m guessing that everyone has also felt like summer has come early!  With the heat setting in so early those spring energy bills that you usually get a reprieve on will end up just as high as your summer bills if you’re not careful.
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