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Monthly Archives: January 2016

How to Reduce Your Energy Bills

Energy Bill shock


We have had several emails and messages from you on how to reduce your next energy bill. Most of you probably received your energy bills a few weeks ago and the bill shock panic set in right on queue. It has been unseasonably hot and it would seem that you’re A/C unit & pool pumps have been used in over drive.
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The World’s Most Energy Efficient Countries


Being energy efficient has never been higher on the international political agenda. With immense disruption of world weather patterns owing to climate change, understanding the importance of different energy choices is vital.

Only decades ago, the whole concept of climate change was not taken seriously so it is a relatively new focus in the eyes of world political priorities. Back then, world leaders are documented as being unwilling to face up to the realities of the contribution of manufacturing and various energy choices were having on world climate. Thankfully, world leaders in conjunction with the United Nations are really sitting up and taking notice and taking action and we recently saw some advancement in universal agreement with the signing of the document at COP 21 held in Paris in the latter part of 2015.
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Take the Chill out of Your Next Purchase

Buying Fridge Freezer

Does your old fridge sound like a lorry is driving through your kitchen, or are your veggies getting less and less crisp over a shorter time or do you wake up in the morning and your fridge has had an accident during the night?

If so it’s time to upgrade, always get a technician out to see if the problem can be fixed before you think about buying a new one. Check with the technician about the efficiency of the fridge, there is a good chance that it’s guzzling more energy than necessary.
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Buying the Right Washing Machine

washing machine

Lots of sales on at the moment and a lot of you want to take advantage of that by upgrading your appliances.  Please be mindful when it comes to buying a new appliance just because it’s a good deal doesn’t mean you need it!

Ask yourself a few questions before committing to buying your new appliance, in this case your new washing machine;
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Buy Energy Efficient Appliances in 2016

Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

Start the year as you mean to go on by committing to reducing your carbon foot print and do yourself a favour at the same time by reducing your energy bills. Here are top ten tips for getting the right appliance for your home:

Do you need it?

Appliances are great these days they do everything for us, but ask yourself if they are really necessary before you buy them, can you live without them? i.e. do you need a clothes dryer for your unit or can you use the local laundry mat if you need to use one?
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