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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Top 10 tips to get ready for winter

reduce your energy bills

Winter will be here in a blink of an eye and its already cooling down, we are getting lots of questions on how to save on your energy bills this winter. Here are our top tips to get your ready and take the chill out of your winter energy bill.
1. Seal around your Doors & Window – hot and cold air flows in and out of every crack and gap in and around your doors and windows. It’s important to seal these up, visit your local hardware store for tips on how to do this. Keep all your tracks on windows and doors clean and grime free to ensure they remain sealed and working efficiently.
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Top tips for choosing the best energy saving appliance

Home Appliances

It’s difficult but before you buy any appliance try and look beyond the purchase price and consider the running cost.  Save Energy Save Money compares the upfront cost of the appliance and the annual running cost.

Work out the life time cost of the appliance by multiplying the annual running cost by how many years you intend to keep the appliance for, most appliances will run for around 8 to 10 years.  Which means your upfront cost x (annual running cost x 10) = life time cost of appliance.
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Autumn shouldn’t be and Energy Drainer

Autumn Energy Tips

At this time of year you should breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to your energy consumption, as most climates are cool but not too cold yet.  If your already looking to switch on your electric heater or turn your reverse air conditioner from cold to hot STOP!

Here are a few tips to minimise your autumn energy bill.
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Less Is More

Reduce Reuse Recycle

We have everything available at a touch of a button these days, washing machine breaks down so you jump online and buy a new one, and the kettle doesn’t work so you buy a new one with a few clicks.  How many times have you replaced an appliance then realised you could have had it fixed for a fraction of the cost.
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Easy Steps to reduce your Land Fill

Reduce your Landfill

These days over consumption seems to be the norm.  I personally find it very challenging especially over during a holiday season and see all the waste with no thought for recycling. Buying new appliances seems to be unavoidable for most households so disposing of your old ones (E-Waste) needs to be done sustainably in order to prevent landfills overflowing.
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