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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Switching To Solar

solar panels

We have had a few questions from you about where to start when purchasing Solar Panels for your home.  Given autumn is the best season for solar absorption you’ll want to move quickly!  It’s important to remember that solar is only one piece of the puzzle, using your appliances efficiently is also important in order to maximise your solar consumption and keep those pesky electricity bills at bay.
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Ways to stay warm in Winter without using a drop of Energy

reduce your energy bills


Here at SESM we are well aware of the growing concern regarding the price rises of Australian energy companies. With Winter well on its way I thought we’d share some tips on how you can keep your house warmer in winter without giving a cent to those energy companies.

Thick Curtains are one of the top ways to keep the heat where it should be, in your house. In winter, when it comes to curtains the thicker the better. If you don’t want to spend any money on them you can easily get your hands on some cheap fleece and line them yourself.
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Benefits of using Biodegradable packaging

biodegradable packaging

There will be countless plastic and Styrofoam products that end up in land fill that didn’t have to end up there.  What it means is everyone doing their bit, yes that means you and me!  Where possible use a reusable cup for your coffee in the morning and say no to plastic and Styrofoam containers.
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Can I go off the grid if I install a solar system and battery?


Yellow-And-Brown-Solar-HousePlus_signTelsa Powerwall






This is a question I am hearing more and more these days. For the average Joe it may have been out of reach in the past, however these days it’s becoming more achievable for you to live off the grid.

Investment in clean energy, be it solar or wind is no longer a large gamble.  In days gone it would take you years and years to re coup your original investment however these days with the increasing price of electricity and the reduction in the cost of solar systems it’s becoming more affordable.
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Organic gardening in Autumn

Autumn Gardening

What does autumn actually mean to us and how does it affect what we do in our food gardens.

To find autumn’s meaning, we need to dig into old wisdom. From an inner perspective, autumn can be seen as a preparation time for our inward journey after the outward excesses of spring and the fire of summer.
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