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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Stay Warm by Avoiding Bill Chill

electricity bills

Now the cold has set in don’t waste all that money you can spend on a summer holiday on your energy bill. Coming in to Winter we are asked by many of our readers and customers how to stay warm without spending a fortune, so here are some of our top tips to take the chill out of winter without taking the cash out of your wallet.
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Take the Chill Out of Winter

Winter energy bills

We are getting lots of emails for our SESM customers asking how they can keep those winter energy bills down.  It’s been a really mild autumn and some hope that will continue through the winter months, however I can already feel the cold snap coming.  The best things you can do is prepare for the worst and you’ll not be defeated with a huge bill.
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Buy Less by Buying Smart

In today’s society we should be focused on not just buying less but making smarter purchases. After all you don’t want to buy a new Fridge Freezer then discover in a few months you need to buy a new bar fridge as well to fit everything in.

Always look for a recycled option first especially when it comes to white goods, you’ll get a great deal and help reduce your carbon foot print. Here are some steps to follow before buying any appliances, which should make your purchase the last one for a very long time!
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What Heater to Buy?

electric heater

The temperature is dropping in the morning and late at night and you might be thinking it’s time to invest in an electric heater for your home, but which one?  Let’s face it you’re spoiled for choice these days and you don’t want to buy the wrong heater or size of heater for your home or you’ll be burning through those electricity bills.
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