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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Green Directory & Blog


What’s new at SESM – Our brand new Green Directory

We get so many questions from our customers looking for recommendations to help make their life greener that we decided to launch our very own green directory.  This directory will be filled with all our trusted partners as well as other reputable green products and services providers.
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Nappies, Money, & the Environment


The Australian Nappy Association represents and promotes the reusable nappy industry and provides support and information to parents, caregivers and government agencies. Fiona and Catherine are founding member of the ANA, and owners of Darlings Downunder, a dedicated cloth nappy store since 2003.

We love the name and the aims of this website – Save Energy, Save Money – because, let’s face it, we all love the idea of helping the environment, but doesn’t it make it so much easier when you know it will save you money as well?
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A Guide to Making Your Home Greener

a guide to a greener home


A single green thought can go a long way, especially if you act on it in without delay. Eco-friendly home improvement projects aren’t good for Mother Earth alone: they’re also a highly rewarding investment in long-term utility savings and higher property value. If you want to greenify your space and get the biggest eco bang for your buck, here are a few affordable yet highly efficient sustainable updates to carry out before long.
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