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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Choose Perfect Cladding for Your Sustainable Home

Over the course of years, we have witnessed a lot of changes regarding the environment and climate, which had (and still have) a great impact on our planet, wildlife and also, our lives. Global warming, as one of the key factors of climate change has become quite an expressed issue in the last couple of years.  Therefore, people around the world are starting to search for alternative and sustainable solutions to implement into their lifestyles, so they would, hopefully, decrease the negative impact on the environment and leave a healthier planet for their offspring. One of the methods of fighting these environmental issues is green building or simply put – using energy-efficient building materials which have a good impact on the surrounding. This is exactly why the demand for cladding systems has grown substantially in recent years and here you can find out all you ever wanted to know about what cladding really is, what’s it made from and how does it actually affect the environment as a whole.
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Great News for Solar



As the solar market slowly takes over as the largest employer for the electric power generation throughout the world, it’s time for Australia to catch up!  Lucky for you even if this government is lagging there are options for you the consumer.

It’s great to see that solar is the largest employer in America for the Electric Power Industry, don’t despair as there is still away you can jump in on the renewable energy market.
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The Quick Guide to Save Energy and Save Money in 2017

carbon foot print

As an environmentally conscious Australian small business owner who is also looking to keep a lid on operational costs, there’s all sorts of strategies you can implement to reduce the greenhouse gas impact of your business and save money. Despite the international scientific community’s best efforts, climate change deniers and the big fossil fuel companies don’t want you to know that there are various ways to use green initiatives and solutions to reduce your carbon footprint and your costs at the same time.
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Reducing your energy bills is in 5 easy steps



It can be difficult to think about where to begin when it comes to energy saving, there is so much you can do and sometimes you can get lost in a sea of information.  My advice is start small and build it up, making small achievable changes will set you on the road to good energy habits that you can build on.
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Cooling Options For your Home.

Wow, does anyone else feel like they are about to melt?  We sure do here in the SESM offices!  At this time of year we know a lot of you rely heavily on you’re A/C units and for those who don’t have one will be feeling the sting of the summer heat.
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