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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Oil heater power consumption

oil heater

To be honest this one caught me a little off guard, sitting here in the heatwave. We have had quite a few people purchasing Oil Heaters through the Save Energy Save Money website and have had a flurry of questions around their energy consumption.  Maybe it’s being prepared and getting everything ready for winter which will be here before we know it.
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Cool your home naturally

cooling your home naturally

It’s been a long summer and those power bills will be heating up.  Autumn is just around the corner and with it comes some cooler weather, SESM are here to help take the sting out of your energy bills from here on.  Here are 10 simple steps everyone can do to cool your home without turning on the Air conditioner.
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Heat pump dryer review


Heat pump dryers are the most efficient of the clothes dryers, they use a fraction of the energy that a vented clothes dryer uses, see the below example from the Save Energy Save Money website;

Heat pump Dryer running costBased on 52 drying cycles per year

Dryer 1 is the heat pump dryer and uses over 50% more energy than the vented clothes dryer.  How does a heat pump dryer work? Quite simply actually, they recycle heat in the process of extracting moisture, it’s a type of condenser dryer and is the most energy efficient type of dryer on the market right now.
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How much electricity does a pedestal fan use

pedestal fans

Over the crazy heatwave, we have had a lot of people asking how much electricity does a pedestal fan use.  You’ll be happy to hear it’s not that much!  How many of you out there are thinking about buying a pedestal fan but have no idea how much these costs to run a year? Let’s take a look at exactly how much it’s going to cost for having that fan on 24/7 for the rest of summer.
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