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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Energy Saving tips for Students

Energy Saving tips for Students

Student Accommodation

In recent years student accommodation has come a long way – these new fancy purpose built rooms and serviced units come with all manner of accessories.  From inbuilt en-suites to power points for everything, even plugs specifically for your i-phone’s, lap tops and other smart devices.  It’s come a long way from the jail cell like room we used to occupy, a working hot shower was a luxury!
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Get Ready to beat the heat

Picture of fan at a window with a coffee and newspaper

Summer is coming and for some it already feels like it’s here, now is the time to get your home ready for the heat.  If you’re in NSW you have already put your clocks back which gives you an extra hour to play outside.  The more time you spend outside the less energy you use inside, being active such as walking or cycling keeps you healthy and your energy bills down.
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Buying the Right Light bulbs

Light bulb isle in a supermarket

Have you been to the supermarket to buy a lightbulb lately? You might find it a bit overwhelming.  There are literally hundreds to choose from.  The first hurdle can even trip many with what type of bulb to buy, anything from incandescent through to LED and everything in between can boggle the mind!
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Halogen or LED: what’s the difference and which is best?

Halogen Light bulb and LED life bulb

If you’re on the energy saving journey assessing your lighting is a great way to save you hundreds on your energy bills.  But where to start?  (lightbulb moment!) I think by now most people know that incandescent bulbs are bad, they might be cheap to buy however they will cost you a small fortune to run and will need replacing often, plus the negative impact they have on the environment.
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How to find the most energy efficient Washing Machine, Dryer, Fridges etc for your budget

T-shirt hanging out of a washing machine and folded laundry at the side

These days when you think energy efficient appliances you associate it with a price tag to go with it. Look at heat pump dryers, when they first came out they cost the earth, and let’s face it, you’re pretty much buying it to save the earth. It takes a while for the price to catch up with technology.  Which means when you buy one of the top brands at the top of the energy efficient table such as Bosch, Panasonic, Omega, Beko or Miele you can expect to pay a pretty penny.  However, don’t dismay there are some brands lower on the scale that will save you on the upfront cost and can still save you on your energy bills.  It can be difficult to find these efficient appliances at times as the running costs are not always easy to find, that’s where Save Energy Save Money come to save the day, you can find the best energy saving appliance for your budget.
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