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4 simple solutions to trim down your energy bill in 2018


2017 was a tough year for some Australian households, particularly with rising power costs across the country. But the dawn of a new year brings with it the opportunity to take charge of your energy usage and get ahead of your bills. So to help you start 2018 on the right track, money expert and Director at mozo.com.au, Kirsty Lamont, has shared four surefire ways to cut your energy costs this year.

1. Power down and shop around

If you cast a glance around your home chances are you’ll find an appliance that could be costing you more energy, and money, than you think. Given that everyday appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers can account for up to 30% of an average household’s energy bill, even making the simple swap to more energy efficient technology could help slash your costs. One of the easiest options is to switch out your old incandescent bulbs for LED lighting – not only are LED bulbs more energy efficient, but they’re also far more durable.

2. Switch energy providers

While changing habits like leaving lights on in empty rooms or leaving gadgets on standby are a great start to making a dent in your bill, an equally simple solution with a much bigger pay off is to compare energy plans in your area and make the switch to a better value offer. A Mozo study revealed that households could save up to $929 a year by switching to the cheapest power plan in their state – a huge potential windfall for many families.

3. Use your appliances more effectively

If you do decide to shop around and upgrade your appliances to models with greater energy efficient in 2018, there are also ways to use them more efficiently and effectively which could take hundreds of dollars a year off your bills. Believe it or not, fully stocking your fridge with food and maintaining the temperature at an optimum 4-5 degrees is the most energy efficient way to keep it running, while washing your laundry on a cold cycle will save you far more energy than washing in hot water.

4. Look for energy rebates

Keeping your eyes peeled for the latest news and energy policy changes in your state can often pay off big time, and in fact a number of rebates have already kicked in since January 1 this year. Queensland households who upgrade to more energy efficient washing machines, fridges and air conditioners (with a four star rating or higher) are now eligible for up to $300 in refunds under a new state government initiative. Meanwhile, some Victorian households may be able to save up to $720 on their power bills in 2018 under the state’s new rebate scheme. That’s a big bundle of cash to have back in your pocket, so it’s well worth checking out what’s on offer in your state.

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Kirsty Lamont is a Director at financial comparison website mozo.com.au. She is passionate about helping Australians get a better money deal and helping them make better, more informed choices.

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