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Are Ultra-Wide Curved Monitors all they are cracked up to be?

Are Ultra-Wide Curved Monitors all they are cracked up to be?

Ultra Wide Monitors.docx

These days everything is getting bigger including the monitor you use for your computer screen.  Here in the SESM offices we use laptops and connect these lap tops up to monitors, recently I needed to purchase a new monitor and I chose an extra wide monitor, but are they all they’re cracked up to be?

In comparison to my last monitor this one was massive, it didn’t even occur to me to measure my desk before I started shopping, however luckily it was a snug fit (I did have to lose a picture or 2 from my desk, luckily, I upgraded to a digital photo frame, so in terms of timing this was perfect!).  Make sure before you commit to buy one of these beauties you measure the space, remember, measure twice buy once!  It will help reduce clutter on your desk, there won’t be room for it anymore.

It took two of us to get it on the desk and I wouldn’t move it myself, which makes cleaning my desk a two-man job, it’s not heavy just awkward to lift and I wouldn’t want to drop it.  When I was unpacking the box I noticed that the monitor came with its own power pack and this was a major pain, space was already limited and now adding a power pack to an already crowded desk was a little annoying.

This is another area I should have looked into before I started shopping

Power pack

The screen itself is mesmerizing, I love it, it has great motility and can be moved into any position, it was so easy to move around and when conducting training sessions which happens a lot around my desk everyone had a bird eye’s view.   There is nothing this monitor can’t do, it has a jack for everything from headphones, through to USB downstream port about 8 different jacks. Not that I would need to use all of these at once but if I did I don’t know where all the cables would go, it would look like spaghetti junction and they would end up getting tangled.

back of a curved ultra wide monitor

I am not very tech savvy and for me the monitor was easy to use and set up, I did it all by myself without calling in the big guns.  It has a great energy saving function if left on (which I would never do

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