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Buying Small Appliances

small appliances

In today’s climate there are machines that can literally do everything for you around the home, robo vac’s will vacuum your home while you sleep, food processors can chop, grate, dice, blend and  numerous other tasks depending on the range of accessories it comes with.  Check out our novelty machines you’ll find an ice cream maker to a meat slicer and everything in-between!

We do live in a wonderful world with lots of machines that make our life necessary, however are they really all necessary?  I know I have a cupboard at home that has at least 3 small appliances I never use anymore a donut maker, a dutch pancake maker and a pie maker.  I remember when I bought the appliances way back when I convinced myself that I would use these machines all the time, that it would be worth the outlay.

After buying them I did use them all the time, I think I was trying to convince myself that they were indeed good purchases.  If I am being honest the donuts from the dough machine never tasted quiet right however in order to justify to myself they were good solid purchases I persevered with recipe after recipe in search of just the right mix to make these amazing tasting donuts I had promised myself from his machine. Anyway, the perfect recipe never happened and so I gave up and have not yet brought myself to be able to on sell or send to the Opshop, I still keep kidding myself that the perfect recipe may just be around the corner!

Save yourself the trauma, avoid buying small appliances that are just fads.  Stick to machines that are going to improve your daily life ones that you have a need for.  Always do your research and ensure the machine you are about to buy has the functions you need.  Don’t always buy the cheapest appliance on the market, yes you will get a good deal upfront however you want to look for a trusted brand that is backed up by positive reviews.

Buying a cheap food processor can mean in a years’ time you will need to replace it when it or an accessory break, ensure it is a brand that can be repaired or is backed up with a warranty that will give you peace of mind.  Spending a little extra now can save you over the years.

Use our buying guide to help match you to the right appliance and ensure you do your due-diligence before making that purchase, remember the poor man always pays twice!  You can then compare prices with all the top brands on the SESM website to get the best deal for your budget today!

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