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Category Archives: Choosing the Right Appliance

Cooling Options For your Home.

Wow, does anyone else feel like they are about to melt?  We sure do here in the SESM offices!  At this time of year we know a lot of you rely heavily on you’re A/C units and for those who don’t have one will be feeling the sting of the summer heat.
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Which Dishwasher to Buy?

Home Appliances

Are there endless arguments in your home about who is going to do the dishes? Let me assure you that buying a dishwasher will not stop those arguments, it may subdue them until the novelty of the new appliance wears off. Once that happens you’re back to the same old arguments only this time it’s who stacks and who unstacks the dishwasher.
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Buy Less by Buying Smart

In today’s society we should be focused on not just buying less but making smarter purchases. After all you don’t want to buy a new Fridge Freezer then discover in a few months you need to buy a new bar fridge as well to fit everything in.

Always look for a recycled option first especially when it comes to white goods, you’ll get a great deal and help reduce your carbon foot print. Here are some steps to follow before buying any appliances, which should make your purchase the last one for a very long time!
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What Heater to Buy?

electric heater

The temperature is dropping in the morning and late at night and you might be thinking it’s time to invest in an electric heater for your home, but which one?  Let’s face it you’re spoiled for choice these days and you don’t want to buy the wrong heater or size of heater for your home or you’ll be burning through those electricity bills.
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Top tips for choosing the best energy saving appliance

Home Appliances

It’s difficult but before you buy any appliance try and look beyond the purchase price and consider the running cost.  Save Energy Save Money compares the upfront cost of the appliance and the annual running cost.

Work out the life time cost of the appliance by multiplying the annual running cost by how many years you intend to keep the appliance for, most appliances will run for around 8 to 10 years.  Which means your upfront cost x (annual running cost x 10) = life time cost of appliance.
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