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Category Archives: Energy Efficient Appliances

The Low Down on Timer Switches

Now you have probably heard me go on about timer switches and how they can help save you money on your energy bills.  If you have forgotten here is a little refresher:

Timer switches can help reduce your energy consumption throughout your home.  Rather than leaving you’re A/C or heating on all day you can set your timer switch to come on 15 mins before you get home, therefore making your home at the perfect temperature!  Go one step further and set them to turn off at night, that way you’re not chewing through your energy bills while you are sleeping.
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Are wood burning fireplaces efficient?

We can certainly tell winter is upon us here at the Save Energy, Save Money offices.  We have had lots of question from you asking how efficient wood burning fires are in relation to gas and electric heaters.

Again it very much comes down to your choice of heater as we all know there are many different types of electric heaters and gas heaters to buy out there.  To name but a few, Colum Oil Heaters, Fan Heaters, Natural Gas Heaters and LPG Gas Heaters.  The efficiency of the Gas or Electric heaters will depend on how suitable it is for the space you’re trying to heat.
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Steam Irons v’s Dry Iron’s

Variety is the spice of life and as consumers we definitely have a lot of variety when it comes to electrical appliances.  Just look at the different types of fridges out there: side by side, top mounted, bottom mounted and French door.  Irons are no different with many different choices our the team here at Save Energy, Save Money thought we would do some research on Steam Irons and Dry Irons for you.
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