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Energy Saving Solutions and what they mean to your back pocket

Save energy save money

For those who got a shock when they received their last energy bill let’s see if we can help make the next one a little lighter on the back pocket.  It’s Autumn so things should be cooling down a bit, but not soon enough to turn on the heating!

There are a lot of easy improvements you can make, like by swapping out your LED light bulbs for energy saving ones it will save you on your energy bills, but how much will it save you?
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Nappies, Money, & the Environment


The Australian Nappy Association represents and promotes the reusable nappy industry and provides support and information to parents, caregivers and government agencies. Fiona and Catherine are founding member of the ANA, and owners of Darlings Downunder, a dedicated cloth nappy store since 2003.

We love the name and the aims of this website – Save Energy, Save Money – because, let’s face it, we all love the idea of helping the environment, but doesn’t it make it so much easier when you know it will save you money as well?
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Get 3 Free Solar Quotes Today!

solar quotes


With those winter electricity bills on the rise and the cost of electricity increasing you may be thinking it’s time to make the switch to renewable energy. After all you don’t want that winter sun going to waste.
For most households solar will be the obvious choice. Before you jump in make sure you do your homework on how big a system you need and budget etc this will help narrow down what you are looking for. Keep I mind the bigger the system the more solar you will produce.
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What’s new with SESM?

We have been very busy behind the scenes, we have listened to all of your feedback and have made some big changes to our website. Those on a mobile phone will notice that Save Energy Save Money (SESM) is now mobile responsive making it easier for you to compare energy and prices before you buy your appliance.
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The World’s Most Energy Efficient Countries


Being energy efficient has never been higher on the international political agenda. With immense disruption of world weather patterns owing to climate change, understanding the importance of different energy choices is vital.

Only decades ago, the whole concept of climate change was not taken seriously so it is a relatively new focus in the eyes of world political priorities. Back then, world leaders are documented as being unwilling to face up to the realities of the contribution of manufacturing and various energy choices were having on world climate. Thankfully, world leaders in conjunction with the United Nations are really sitting up and taking notice and taking action and we recently saw some advancement in universal agreement with the signing of the document at COP 21 held in Paris in the latter part of 2015.
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