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Category Archives: Energy Saving News

What Heating is right for my home?

electric heaters

There are so many options available to you but which is the most energy efficient? I know that wood heaters are very popular around Australia, however they are not the most energy efficient option available to you.  Unless you buy wood from a sustainable resource and add to this the greenhouse gas emissions released when burning and not only is it not the most energy efficient option it’s not the most sustainable option.
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Where the bloody hell are we?




This government is intent on doing the very least it can to reduce global warming.  The official view is that Australia will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 26 to 28% of 2005 levels by 2030.  Let’s hope that the Paris agreement pushes the government to do more.

However, the buck shouldn’t stop with the government, its ever more prevalent that everyone needs to do their bit.  Don’t bury your head in the sand and think you can’t do anything to effect change, quite the opposite.
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How to Monitor Your Electricity Usage

home energy meters

Understanding your energy usage is key to keeping your electricity bills low and reducing your impact on the environment.  Everyone uses their electricity in different ways and the size of your family or whether you’re a home body or the out doorsy type will change your consumption pattern.  We will help you track your usage no matter the size of your house hold to ensure you maximise your efficiency.
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Tesla Powerwall & what it means to you.

Telsa Powerwall

If you have solar I am sure you have heard the buzz about the new battery storage system, Tesla Powerwall. Any battery storage system for solar has been long anticipated in Australia, so what does this one mean to us in Australia.

Firstly, how does it work? The Powerwall is a 7 kilowatt hour (kWh) lithium-ion-battery system that stores electricity generated from rooftop solar panels (or PV panels) during the day so that electricity can be used at night during the peak-usage times.
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Turning the light out on CFL’s


CFL light Bulb

As LED lights make the transition to the most popular bulb we are beginning to see the out of CFL bulbs.   LED lights are coming down in price and improving in technology every day, given the fact they last longer than CFL’s and are cheaper to run it’s quite obvious why people are making the switch.
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