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Category Archives: Energy Saving Tips

How to Green Up Your Business

person holding a seedling in a business suit

These days there are so many options available to you when it comes to making your business greener and lowering its carbon foot print.  You can utilise many renewable resources including Wind and solar.   Other options include using energy retailers that supply you energy from green resources.  Ensure your energy smart around the office and keep your energy consumption to a minimum, especially when it comes to your heating and cooling.
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Keep the money in your pocket before you put it through the wash.

washing and drying appliances

Washing and drying your clothes is a staple of life so shouldn’t break the bank! We’ll show you how to keep the money in your pocket before you put it through the wash.  Everything from energy to washing detergent can be cheap and environmentally friendly.

Do you know how much your washing machine or clothes dryer costs you to run a year?  If not, don’t worry check out the SESM website where we have calculated thousands of appliances for you, simply input your model number and we will do the rest.  If your appliance is more than 10 years old it might be time to think about upgrading.  If the seals or doors are damaged in anyway this will compromise its energy efficiency of the appliance, in cases where it can’t be fixed it’s best to upgrade to a newer model so you’re saving energy and money.
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Energy Saving Solutions and what they mean to your back pocket

Save energy save money

For those who got a shock when they received their last energy bill let’s see if we can help make the next one a little lighter on the back pocket.  It’s Autumn so things should be cooling down a bit, but not soon enough to turn on the heating!

There are a lot of easy improvements you can make, like by swapping out your LED light bulbs for energy saving ones it will save you on your energy bills, but how much will it save you?
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Don’t get in Hot Water this Season

Hot Water System

There are so many traps to fall into this autumn and beginning good habits now will set you up for winter and ensure you don’t blow a gasket when you see your hot water electricity bills!

Always keep your taps on the cold-water setting, if you have it on hot and turn the tap on even if hot water doesn’t come out the tap you will still need to pay to heat the water you didn’t even use!  Resist the urge to let the tap run, its just wasting water, this is especially relevant when your brushing your teeth, save the water and turn it off.
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Green Renovations



Today there are so many more options out there when renovating your home, you can upgrade your home to a more sustainable one and lower your carbon foot print at the same time.  The one thing that springs to everyone’s mind is Solar.  This is certainly a great way to make you home more sustainable however its nor the be all and end all.
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