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Category Archives: Fans

What Fan to buy to stay cool?

Picture of fans for sale on the save energy save money website

Spring can be a funny month with different extremes of weather from roasting hot to freezing cold and anywhere in between.  Air conditioners are not always practical or affordable and a Fan is the next best option.  It might be the 2nd best option for most people however it’s certainly the most energy efficient option. Bang for buck, we are a fan of the fan!
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How much electricity does a pedestal fan use

pedestal fans

Over the crazy heatwave, we have had a lot of people asking how much electricity does a pedestal fan use.  You’ll be happy to hear it’s not that much!  How many of you out there are thinking about buying a pedestal fan but have no idea how much these costs to run a year? Let’s take a look at exactly how much it’s going to cost for having that fan on 24/7 for the rest of summer.
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