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Category Archives: Hot Water Systems

What Hot Water System is right for me?

Hot Water System

Budget is usually a major consideration here, however I beg you to look past the initial cost of the Hot Water System and think more along the lines of the life time cost of the hot water system.

Gas and Electric storage hot water systems are generally cheaper to buy and like most things the energy efficient alternatives there would be a higher upfront cost.  Let’s say you need to find another $800 to buy a Solar or Heat Pump   system, is it worth it?  Yes, Yes, Yes!!
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What’s the Most Efficient Temperature for My Hot Water Heater?

The team here at Save Energy Save Money have received a few emails from you this week about what temperature to set your hot water system.  Our research time went to work and here are a few hints and tips for you to review.

The minimum temperature you should set your hot water system is 60 Degrees Celsius in order kill any bacteria.  Legionnaires is a bacteria that breeds in stagnant water between 25 – 50 degrees.
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How to use your hot water system efficiently

The average house hold spends around a quarter of their total energy on heating so it’s important to use an energy efficient system that suits your needs. Reducing the amount of hot water you use and using a more efficient hot water system are great ways to reduce your energy bills. efficiently
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Storage or Instantaneous Hot Water System

The team here at Save Energy, Save Money have done the research for you so you can find the most energy-efficient appliance for your household.

Continuous flow (instantaneous) water heaters heat water as it is required, therefore cannot run out of hot water. They run efficiently on natural gas. These systems would be best for small house holds or if you are away from home for long periods of time.  This is due to the fact the main burner will only come on when you require hot water, heating as you go.
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Choosing the right Hot Water System?

You need to ensure you have selected the right system for you house as hot water or you can end up wasting energy heating water unnecessary.  Hot Water Systems account for around a quarter of your house holds electricity, so it’s important you select the right type for where you live and your needs.  The team here at Save Energy, Save Money have done some of the research for you.Water System
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