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Category Archives: Renewable Energy

Off Shore Wind Farms

Wind Farm

Offshore wind farms are seen as integral in developing and expanding the network of renewable energy available throughout the world, and the good news is that great strides are being made in this area.

Offshore wind farms are getting bigger, the turbines themselves are getting bigger too in many cases, and the overall design and management of these sources of natural power is better than ever, meaning wind power is getting cheaper so that it can compete with fossil fuels.
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Wind Power: Our Top Facts

shutterstock_110700254As the world’s resources of non-renewable energies are fast depleting, there is growing interest and research into renewable sources. One of the fastest growing alternatives is wind power, which happens to be one of the cleanest and safest methods of generating electricity.

Wind is basically the movement of air between high and low pressure areas. It is actually caused by uneven heating of the earth (from the sun), which results in hot air rising and cool air flowing as a consequence. Wind power is generally harnessed by way of turbines, which capture the wind and turn it into rotational energy. This is subsequently turned into electricity by utilising a generator.
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Which is Better, Solar or wind?

When considering the switch to a sustainable power source you need to make sure you make the right move.  Solar is great but if the sun isn’t shining long enough where you live then you’re going to be paying for your solar panels and paying for electricity.

Let the team here at Save Energy, Save Money give you some facts to ponder before you decide.  Your decision will be largely based on where you live geographically and your energy requirements
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How Does Wind Power Get To Our Homes?

Let the team here at Save Energy, Save Money blow some facts on wind power your way.

Our Homes_317_1Wind power is not a new concept it’s been used throughout time, I am sure you have heard of windmills? Wind was used to pump water and process the grain.

Wind power works by converting wind energy into electricity by using wind turbines, on average they are around 20 meters tall. The reason they are so tall is due to the fact the winds are stronger the higher up you go. One turbine generates enough electricity to power the average home saving you energy and money.
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Hydro Energy Facts

As we have recently moved our electricity supplier to a company that provides us with 100% green energy the team here at Save Energy, Save Money thought we would share some facts on our new green energy.

Here are some facts on Hydro Energy:

First the Science:

Energy FactsWhen energy is generated by mechanical means, a magnet is moved inside a coil of wire and an electric current is produced. In a commercial power station this is done on a large scale – giant electro-magnets are spun inside huge coils of conductor.
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