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Size Matters


We recently updated our search function on the SESM website to allow you to filter the size of the appliance you want to buy. Why is size so important, well there are many reasons and here are a few:
1. Ensure you buy the right appliance that fits the space you have, what’s the point in buying a massive fridge if it doesn’t fit in your kitchen? Are you renting? Buy a regular size fridge rather than a massive one to fit the house you’re in.
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So, what’s new with SESM?


We have been busy bee’s behind the scenes improving our website to ensure you have the best shopping experience.  Not only can you shop for thousands of electrical appliances you can check their annual running cost at the same time.

We have made it even easier for you to buy your next washing machine, dryer, electric heater etc. Now with the Save Energy Save Money website when you use the compare function you can see the life time cost of the appliance.  We have calculated the life time cost of the appliance with this formula Cost of Appliance + (annual running cost x 10) = life time cost’.
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Green Directory & Blog


What’s new at SESM – Our brand new Green Directory

We get so many questions from our customers looking for recommendations to help make their life greener that we decided to launch our very own green directory.  This directory will be filled with all our trusted partners as well as other reputable green products and services providers.
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What’s new with SESM?

We have been very busy behind the scenes, we have listened to all of your feedback and have made some big changes to our website. Those on a mobile phone will notice that Save Energy Save Money (SESM) is now mobile responsive making it easier for you to compare energy and prices before you buy your appliance.
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Why switch?

switch energy providers

  • Switching is easy 
  • Switching is quick
  • Majority of businesses can switch and save even if they are in a contract.

How long has it been since you shopped around for the best price for your energy?  Most Aussies do this when they are moving house or needing to make cut backs.  Why wait, you should get into the habit of shopping around every time your contract ends, not in a contract then shop around at least once a year to ensure you get the best deal.
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