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Category Archives: Switching Energy Suppliers

Switching To Renewable Energy

Ok Australia, now everyone can do their bit to reduce their carbon foot print.  We get a lot of questions here at Save Energy, Save Money regarding what to do to reduce your power bills and reduce your carbon foot print.

Renewable EnergyThe obvious choice is switch to a renewable energy source.  Now not everyone can afford solar so a simple step is to switch your energy supplier to one that provides their energy from a renewable energy source.
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To Switch or Not to Switch?

That is the Question, but what’s the answer?

Firstly the easiest way to reduce your energy bills is to reduce your usage.

The second way can be to switch your energy supplier (provided you’re not already on the best deal).  So why aren’t more people jumping on the band wagon and switching suppliers? Is it lack of time? Don’t know where to look? Think they are already on a good deal? Or the hassle of switching from one supplier to the next? I would expect that most of the above apply as to the reason why more people are not switching.
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