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Category Archives: Using Appliances Efficiently

Ironing Efficiently

You have probably noticed and few new categories appearing on the Save Energy, Save Money website.  One of which is Irons and Steamers which contains; irons, steam irons and garment steamers.  Not only can you compare the annual running cost of these appliances you can also compare prices of irons.

Make sure you always read the care instructions label on your clothing before washing, drying or ironing your clothes.
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Is it time to replace your Fridge/Freezer?

Fridge not working as efficiently as you like these days?  Let’s look at a few steps to follow before you make that final decision on upgrading.

In the Save Energy, Save Money office our Refrigerator started leaking, my first instinct was to empty and unplug the fridge then  jump on the website and start comparing prices for a new one!  Already I was thinking about what star rating we could look for and how much we could reduce our power bills by.
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How to Use Your Electric Heaters Efficiently

Anyone else feeling that cold front?  We are certainly feeling here in the Save Energy, Save Money offices.

Before we launch in to some hints and tips to reduce your energy bills this winter make sure you have the right electric heater for the space you’re trying to heat.  Check out our blog – What Heater Should I Buy? Need to buy a new electric heater or gas heater then click here and compare prices and the annual running cost.
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Dishwasher vs Hand Wash

The great debate to use the dishwasher or to hand wash?  Which is more efficient?  Let’s see if the team here at Save Energy, Save Money can wash some hard facts your way.Hand Wash

In the dishwasher’s favour, research carried out by Bonn University in 2003, demonstrated that, when used efficiently i.e. run fully loaded, they can actually use up to a third less water than hand washing the equivalent amount.  The research was based on a 12 place setting or 140 items soiled with a interesting array of eggs, oatmeal and mince to reflect the average domestic washing up scenario.
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How to use your air conditioner efficiently

If this winter you have decided a split system air conditioner is the way to go to heat your house, then let the team at Save Energy, Save Money give you some tips and help you be a little more energy-efficient during the cold season.

  1. If you have an old AC maybe it’s time for an upgrade, compare the annual running cost of your old AC and the new one you want to buy here
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