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Chemical Free Face Cream

On my journey to save energy I have also started several other journeys including, buying products that are cruelty free, palm oil free and chemical free that comes in recyclable packaging. Trying to find products that meet all these requirements and don’t cost the earth is difficult.
Our journey is also a frugal one and I have found it best to make my own products. I then know exactly what is in them and they don’t cost the earth and save it at the same time. Each week I’ll update you with my wins and fails in my journey to move to a cruelty free, palm oil free, plastic free and chemical free life.

My first beauty product was face cream and I am happy to say it was a roaring success! My main objective is to keep it simple, it doesn’t have to be complicated! I tried out whipped coconut oil, who knew you could whip coconut oil!

Sunbeam mixer a
All you need is the below:
• 1 cup of coconut oil
• Stand mixer or hand mixer
• 5 drops of your favorite Essential oil (I used rose geranium)
• 1 tale spoon Shea butter
• Jar to store your cream in.
The coconut oil needs to be solid or it won’t whip, you might need to pop it in the fridge 30mins before you’re ready to whip it if it’s warm out.

Sunbeam mixer b

Pop all your ingredients into your mixer, I used my Sunbeam mixer I bought it about 2 years ago and haven’t looked back, never had any issues with it! How much Shea butter you add is up to you, play about with the recipe until you get a combination that meets your skin requirements.

Shea butter
Whip the mixture for around 7 minutes, and hay presto homemade face cream that doesn’t cost the earth and is planet friendly!

Face cream

We would love to hear your feedback, what oils did you try? Let us know by commenting below.

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Julie Moore is Co-founder & Director of Save Energy Save Money, Australia’s first energy and price comparison website. With over 10 years’ experience in the corporate world Julie ensures Save Energy Save Money provides you with the energy information you need to make informed decisions. Helping to contribute to a more sustainable Australia.

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