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The weather has just been amazing of late, beautiful warm Australian winter days, followed by chilly nights.  I love that it cools down so much at night it gives you a chance to rug up and snuggle under a doona.  The mercury has been dropping low enough that I am sure you have been turning on your heaters and heaters cost money to run.

Some heaters are cheaper to run than others and ensuring you have the right heater for the space you’re heating will make a big difference to the impact it will have on your energy bills.  What steps can you take to make sure you buy the right heater for the space you want to heat?  Here are a few steps to follow:

Measure Up:


Know the square meters of the room you want to heat is important, otherwise you’ll buy a heater too small for the room, over working the heater resulting in higher energy bills and shortening the life span of the heater.

Calculate the wattage:



You need roughly 100W per square meter, you may want to increase the wattage if you have high cellings, or poor insulation on air leakage in the room.



Choose the right heater for the room:


Small – Medium Rooms

Colum Oil Heaters are affordable and have an excellent heating range with an adjustable thermostat, they don’t heat up as fast as other heaters however they will get the room there and keep it at the required temperature for how long you require it.

Larger rooms

Panel Heaters– Panel heaters gently heat and circulate the air around the room, as the warm air rises the panel heater sends hot air to the cooler parts of the room keeping the room nice and toasty warm.

Open Plan Living Spaces

Reverse Cycle Air-Conditioners – Investing in an A/C? Make sure you buy the right size for the space and you’ll have a room that’s nice a toasty without costing you the earth.  Not only will they warm your home in winter they will also cool you home in summer.


Ensure you buy a heater specifically designed for wet rooms, you could look at bar heaters or Panel Heaters, Nobo and Dimplex carry a range of heater suitable for wet area’s.  Never use heaters that are not designed for wet area’s in your bathroom.

Added Extra’s

Think about how you will use the heater and ensure you buy a heater that has the functionality that you need, do you need a timer function so you can wake up to a warm room or to turn the heater off after your little one’s fall asleep. In built thermostats help maintain the room’s temperature, are you too lazy to get off the sofa during your favorite Netflix binge, if so ensure it comes with a remote control.

Before you bring your new heater, home look around the room and ensure its ready to house your new heater, seal up any gaps and cracks around the windows, invest in a draught excluder for under the door and were possible hang heavy curtains over your windows to prevent heat loss.

Choosing the right heater is more important than ever especially with the rising energy costs, with these tips you can beat the heat of your next energy bill.  If you have questions or tips to share comment below, we would love to hear from you.

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Julie Moore is Co-founder & Director of Save Energy Save Money, Australia’s first energy and price comparison website. With over 10 years’ experience in the corporate world Julie ensures Save Energy Save Money provides you with the energy information you need to make informed decisions. Helping to contribute to a more sustainable Australia.

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