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How to Green Up Your Business

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These days there are so many options available to you when it comes to making your business greener and lowering its carbon foot print.  You can utilise many renewable resources including Wind and solar.   Other options include using energy retailers that supply you energy from green resources.  Ensure your energy smart around the office and keep your energy consumption to a minimum, especially when it comes to your heating and cooling.

Your not just restricted to energy conservation making small changes has a big impact.  When replacing items choose more environmentally friendly options such as chemical free cleaning products, organic food produce you can even order these from a local farm to take it a step further.  We get our milk delivered from a local farm it come fresh every few days and we know its ethically produced!  Over fruit and veg boxes are delivered from local spray free business keeping its carbon foot print down to a minimum.

Solar panels help you save energy and money

Why Go Green

Light bulb with tree, showing you can save energy and protect the planet

Going green benefits not only your bottom line is also promotes a healthier work place, a report has realised information stating that greener business benefit from a 20% reduction in sick days.  A healther workplace can feature organic food selections in the company cafeteria or the use of environmentally friendly industrial and cleaning products.  Healthy food and eliminating chemicals can only help boost employees health and well being!

Consumers are also demanding that business are more socially responsible and environmentally conscious.   Consumers check labels for products and packaging made from recycled materials. Due to this growing consciousness, the market share for green products has continued to expand in a variety of industries.

How to Go Green

5 tips to green up your business and save energy, save money

Here are 5 tips to green up your business


Replace incandescent lights with compact fluorescent light bulbs and LED light bulbs. An LED bulb will use about 25% less energy and lasts 25 times longer while a compact fluorescent light will pay for itself in terms of energy saved and in the cost of replacement. Check out how much you can save here

Work From Home

Its important for employees to have the freedom to make choices around their working week and what better way than to offer specific days through out the month to work offsite, giving variety in your employees working week will aid in their work satisfaction, it also helps reduce sick days!

Working from home not only benefits your employees it also increases their productivity and helps contribute to a greener environment as there will be less cars on the road.  For employees wanting to cycle to work ensure you can accommodate then by offering somewhere to shower and a secure place to store their bike.

Save on Paper

It’s time to go paperless, in this age of technology there really is no need to make the trees suffer needlessly.  Don’t print just read and digitally file!  You’ll save space and the trees!

Don’t use post it’s simply set a reminder on your phone or outlook calendar.

Turn It Off

Ensure everything is switched off before you leave all those blinking lights are costing you money on your electricity bills needlessly!

Nominate a champion in the office to ensure that everything is turned off each night and run incentives around being energy efficient.

Switch to Renewable Energy

You don’t have to go solar simply switch to a company that uses renewable energy!

Its easy to go green when you know how, small steps make big differences!  Do you have some tips to share we would love to hear from you.

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Light Bulb Tip

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