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How to buy the right appliance first time

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How many of you have been online, selected an appliance to buy, bought it, got it home, then within a few weeks realised it’s not the one you need!  You’re not the only one, I have been there too, I bought a food processor assuming all food processors are created equal.  Oh, how wrong you can be.  In the end, I had to on sell my old food processor and buy another new one, this time I’m doing my due diligence before rushing out to make a purchase.

Here are my top tips to ensure you buy the right appliance first time, this applies across the board no matter if you’re about to buy an oven or electric knife, use these tips and you’ll be sure you buy the right appliance first time.

Firstly, think about the size you will need, or you will end up over working the appliance using it more than you would have if you had bought one the correct size.  This will reduce the life span of your appliance and you’ll end up having to get it repaired or replaced more often than you should.

Next, think about where the appliance is going to be stored and ensure you have enough space to either store or fit the appliance, there is no point in buying an enormous fridge freezer or washing machine if you don’t have the space to plumb it in.  Give yourself at least an inch extra space all around, that way you won’t fall short on delivery day.  Measure twice and buy once!!

Functions and accessories should be your next thought, some appliance come with lots of different accessories and bells and whistles, which are great but unless you are planning on using them what’s the point?  Most of the time you pay extra for all these additional functions and unless you plan to use them stay clear or you’ll find yourself with a cupboard full of accessories you never use.

Everyone has a drawer that has lots of random bits a pieces that over time gets forgotten.  You end up too scared to throw them out because you can’t remember what appliance they are for and when you might need them!

Finally read reviews on the appliance you are about to buy, Save Energy Save Money has a review section for each product you can review, and feel free to add one or two we would love to hear your thoughts!  You can also google the model number of the appliance and the word review to bring up more reviews on the appliance.  Always read a few before you make your mind up.

Don’t worry if you’re still unsure use our buying guide’s to help match you to your new appliance today!

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Julie Moore is Co-founder & Director of Save Energy Save Money, Australia’s first energy and price comparison website. With over 10 years’ experience in the corporate world Julie ensures Save Energy Save Money provides you with the energy information you need to make informed decisions. Helping to contribute to a more sustainable Australia.

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