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How to find the most energy efficient Washing Machine, Dryer, Fridges etc for your budget

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These days when you think energy efficient appliances you associate it with a price tag to go with it. Look at heat pump dryers, when they first came out they cost the earth, and let’s face it, you’re pretty much buying it to save the earth. It takes a while for the price to catch up with technology.  Which means when you buy one of the top brands at the top of the energy efficient table such as Bosch, Panasonic, Omega, Beko or Miele you can expect to pay a pretty penny.  However, don’t dismay there are some brands lower on the scale that will save you on the upfront cost and can still save you on your energy bills.  It can be difficult to find these efficient appliances at times as the running costs are not always easy to find, that’s where Save Energy Save Money come to save the day, you can find the best energy saving appliance for your budget.

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How Is the Annual Running Cost Calculated?

To help you find the most energy efficient appliance for your budget we rank appliances via their annual running cost, our database allows you to compare not only the upfront cost of the appliance but also the annual running cost.  When you use our compare function we show you The Life Time Cost of the appliance.

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Finding the most energy efficient Appliance on a shoe string budget 

Save Energy Save Money rank appliances by their annual running cost, our research team calculate the annual running cost from either the appliances energy labels or the manufactures specification figures.  This allows you to see at a glance the most energy efficient appliance in each category.

Using our filter you can further narrow down the search by selecting a price range, brands, size or capacity in the case of washing machines.  The filters then rank your search criteria in order of the most energy efficient making it easier for you to identify the most energy efficient appliance for your budget and requirements.

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Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you should sacrifice the energy efficiency of the Fridge Freezer, Washing machine or dryer, you can find an affordable appliance when you use our filter results and compare products to examine the life time cost rather than just focusing on the upfront cost of the appliance.

What is the ‘Life Time Cost’?

 The Life time cost of an appliance is quite simply the upfront purchase price plus the annual running cost over 10 years.  This calculation doesn’t include any consumables, repairs and regular maintenance of the appliance, such as re gassing of A/C units.  We calculate the annual running cost over 10years as this is the life expectancy of most electrical appliances such as dishwashers.

Getting the best deal on Freezers, Fridges, Washing Machines, A/C’s and Dryers

We have a wide range of suppliers to get you the best discounted offers on the market ensuring you save money wherever you can.  Save Energy Save Money enlist all the market leaders to match you to the most energy efficient appliance for your budget with the best supplier of your choice.


Compare annual running cost and prices

You can compare the annual running cost and prices of thousands of electrical appliances with Save Energy Save Money.

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Julie Moore is Co-founder & Director of Save Energy Save Money, Australia’s first energy and price comparison website. With over 10 years’ experience in the corporate world Julie ensures Save Energy Save Money provides you with the energy information you need to make informed decisions. Helping to contribute to a more sustainable Australia.

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