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Lamp Types

There is a lot of buzz around about changing out your light bulbs for more energy efficient ones and when you do switch over of course a more energy efficient light bulb hits the market.  These days your pendant and celling lights come in all shapes and sizes, we get lots of questions on which one is right for their light fitting.

Firstly, don’t panic lighting is a very small amount of your energy bills, when managed correctly you can keep this low enough so it shouldn’t impact your energy bills.  Always with anything do your research before you buy and new light, make sure that it will have sufficient wattage to light the space you need, so that it will fit where you need it to go and that the cord length is long enough to reach your power point where necessary.

For those hard to reach sockets invest in a standby controller and ensure you switch it on only when you’re in the room, there is no point lighting and empty room, this is simply a waste of energy.

Always remember that energy saving bulbs will start off very low and then brighten up as they warm up, they cost a fraction of the cost to run as incandescent bulbs and last longer so don’t be put off by the fact they cost a little extra to buy upfront, over time they will save you money.  Same goes for LED bulbs to give you an idea check out this table from the SESM website:


There are lots of beautifully designed lights out there, keep in mind before you buy that lights with multiple bulbs will cost you more to run on your energy bills.  Check out that they can be fitted with energy efficient bulbs and how much they will cost you to run a year.  If you need assistance working out the estimated annual running cost of a light you are about to buy comment below with the model number and we will do our best to assist you.

For those who turn a light on during the winter months in the morning so they don’t come home to a dark house, think about investing in a timer switch.  This way you can save on your energy bills and still come home to a house with a lovely warm glow.  Some timer switches even come with an APP that allows you to turn your lights on and off via your phone.  This is handy if you are away for the weekend or simply running late home from work!

What steps do you take to ensure you keep your home lighting running effi

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