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Off Shore Wind Farms

Wind Farm

Offshore wind farms are seen as integral in developing and expanding the network of renewable energy available throughout the world, and the good news is that great strides are being made in this area.

Offshore wind farms are getting bigger, the turbines themselves are getting bigger too in many cases, and the overall design and management of these sources of natural power is better than ever, meaning wind power is getting cheaper so that it can compete with fossil fuels.

And better still investment is increasing for offshore wind farms despite the fact that government funding has been cut in countries such as the UK. It seems as more and more people search for eco-friendly power sources the answer might be blowing in the wind. 

Check out this info-graphic on why offshore wind farms are booming:

Wind-Farms Info-graphic

Scotland have been leading the way and blew the competition out of the water by providing the equivalent of 118% of the countries energy.  Now all we need is Australia to stop dragging their heels and join the wind revolution.

Renewable are the way forward and Australia needs to be investing in the renewable energy sector instead of fossil fuels.  We can all do our bit by choosing GreenPower when solar is not an option. The more we demand clean energy from renewable sources more will need to be supplied.

Jump on board, we are a fan, are you?

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Garrick Stanford

Garrick Stanford is a freelance writer and designer based in northern England. He is passionate about the environment and works largely on projects aimed at raising awareness about environmental causes, such as this piece about offshore wind farms.

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