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What is a stacking Kit?

stacked washing machine and dryer both white

When you set out to buy your new washing machine and dryer you might notice that some can be stacked or come with a stacking kit, if you’re asking yourself, can my machines be stacked? how do I use a stacking kit? or what is a stacking kit? read on and we will answer all your questions!
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Off Shore Wind Farms

Wind Farm

Offshore wind farms are seen as integral in developing and expanding the network of renewable energy available throughout the world, and the good news is that great strides are being made in this area.

Offshore wind farms are getting bigger, the turbines themselves are getting bigger too in many cases, and the overall design and management of these sources of natural power is better than ever, meaning wind power is getting cheaper so that it can compete with fossil fuels.
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What Fan to buy to stay cool?

Picture of fans for sale on the save energy save money website

Spring can be a funny month with different extremes of weather from roasting hot to freezing cold and anywhere in between.  Air conditioners are not always practical or affordable and a Fan is the next best option.  It might be the 2nd best option for most people however it’s certainly the most energy efficient option. Bang for buck, we are a fan of the fan!
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Green Energy V’s Solar

green plant with a CFL light bulb

Solar panels come with a large upfront cost and are not always and available option to those renting, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to power your home with renewables as you can always op to power your home with Green Power keeping your home’s carbon foot print down.  But what is better if both options are available to your green power or solar panels?
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Top Tips for choosing the most energy efficient appliance for your home

Picture of Fridge Freezer, Washing machine, TV, Air Con, Washing machine

We know that the purchase price of an appliance tends to be at the forefront of your mind when shopping, however try and push that to the side and also consider the annual running cost as well as the purchase price.  This will enable you to look at the true lifetime cost of the appliance.
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