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How to find the most energy efficient Washing Machine, Dryer, Fridges etc for your budget

T-shirt hanging out of a washing machine and folded laundry at the side

These days when you think energy efficient appliances you associate it with a price tag to go with it. Look at heat pump dryers, when they first came out they cost the earth, and let’s face it, you’re pretty much buying it to save the earth. It takes a while for the price to catch up with technology.  Which means when you buy one of the top brands at the top of the energy efficient table such as Bosch, Panasonic, Omega, Beko or Miele you can expect to pay a pretty penny.  However, don’t dismay there are some brands lower on the scale that will save you on the upfront cost and can still save you on your energy bills.  It can be difficult to find these efficient appliances at times as the running costs are not always easy to find, that’s where Save Energy Save Money come to save the day, you can find the best energy saving appliance for your budget.
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So, what’s new with SESM?


We have been busy bee’s behind the scenes improving our website to ensure you have the best shopping experience.  Not only can you shop for thousands of electrical appliances you can check their annual running cost at the same time.

We have made it even easier for you to buy your next washing machine, dryer, electric heater etc. Now with the Save Energy Save Money website when you use the compare function you can see the life time cost of the appliance.  We have calculated the life time cost of the appliance with this formula Cost of Appliance + (annual running cost x 10) = life time cost’.
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Barrel V’s Upright Vacuum


The age-old question which is better a barrel vacuum or upright vacuum, ultimately it will depend a lot on where you live and the storage options you have.  If those are not an issue for you here are some pro’s and con’s to help you decide which vacuum to buy.

Upright Vacuums
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What Heater is Right For you?


oil heater

Buying a new heater can be a tough gig, you want to make sure you buy the right size of heater for your home, or you’ll end up wasting energy and therefore money.  Too small a heater will end up being over worked and reduce the life span of your heater as well as costing you on your energy bills.  Too big a heater will simply cost you more on your energy bills when not used correctly.
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Top Tips for Energy Saving this autumn


Ok, so not many people go into Autumn thinking it’s time to diet, unless you’re thinking about your energy consumption.  With one of the hottest summers on record not just in Australia but across the world who knows what winter has in store for us.

Here are some of our tips to keep your energy diet under control.
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