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Tag Archives: energy efficient lighting

How LED Lighting Can Help You Save on Power Bills

5 LED light bulbs on solar panel, grass in the back groundIn these contemporary times, one of the hardest things for a household to do is keep the electricity bills low. It can be daunting to maintain a budget when you are not quite sure how much your utilities will cost every month. While it is usually easy to blame your provider for double billing or raising up the rates, your bill is in reality more likely high because of the type of lighting that you use and your rate of usage.
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Buying the Right Light bulbs

Light bulb isle in a supermarket

Have you been to the supermarket to buy a lightbulb lately? You might find it a bit overwhelming.  There are literally hundreds to choose from.  The first hurdle can even trip many with what type of bulb to buy, anything from incandescent through to LED and everything in between can boggle the mind!
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Halogen or LED: what’s the difference and which is best?

Halogen Light bulb and LED life bulb

If you’re on the energy saving journey assessing your lighting is a great way to save you hundreds on your energy bills.  But where to start?  (lightbulb moment!) I think by now most people know that incandescent bulbs are bad, they might be cheap to buy however they will cost you a small fortune to run and will need replacing often, plus the negative impact they have on the environment.
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