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Tag Archives: living sustainably

Living More Sustainably in 2018

Calendar with January 1st 2018 circled

2018 is fast approaching and with a new year there are lots of new years resolutions that will come, however how many of them will come to pass? We suggest to keep them realistic and achievable, the more outlandish the resolution the less likely it will succeed.

No matter what you want to achieve in 2018 living a more sustainable life would be a great item to add to your list. Here are some tips to help you keep your resolutions within reach.
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Choose Perfect Cladding for Your Sustainable Home

Over the course of years, we have witnessed a lot of changes regarding the environment and climate, which had (and still have) a great impact on our planet, wildlife and also, our lives. Global warming, as one of the key factors of climate change has become quite an expressed issue in the last couple of years.  Therefore, people around the world are starting to search for alternative and sustainable solutions to implement into their lifestyles, so they would, hopefully, decrease the negative impact on the environment and leave a healthier planet for their offspring. One of the methods of fighting these environmental issues is green building or simply put – using energy-efficient building materials which have a good impact on the surrounding. This is exactly why the demand for cladding systems has grown substantially in recent years and here you can find out all you ever wanted to know about what cladding really is, what’s it made from and how does it actually affect the environment as a whole.
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Go Easy When Going Green!


Once you have decided you want to move towards a greener life remember and go slow. I have been speaking to lots of people recently who decided to reduce their carbon foot print but have rushed in like a bull at a gate and have ended up ditching a lot of their good intentions.
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The time to act is now!


Today’s blog is going to take a different direction due to the upsetting information we read over Easter.  The least I feel I can do is shine a light on this dark topic and hope we can act to stop the demand for this product.

I am sure you have all heard the disturbing news that Africa’s Western Black Rhinos were declared extinct.  It would seem that about 50 different species will face the same fate over the next 20 years unless we act now.
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Living Without Plastic

If like me your Spring cleaning has turned up an unexpected pile of plastic bags and you now have a container overflowing or looking a bit like the below picture. it’s time to look at how we are going to recycle these as we are certainly not going to reuse them all!
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