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Buying Small Appliances

small appliances

In today’s climate there are machines that can literally do everything for you around the home, robo vac’s will vacuum your home while you sleep, food processors can chop, grate, dice, blend and  numerous other tasks depending on the range of accessories it comes with.  Check out our novelty machines you’ll find an ice cream maker to a meat slicer and everything in-between!
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Bring the heat back to your home


I know with the days getting shorter and nights longer it gets difficult to get out of bed in the morning and you’re not the only one!  Usually on those summer and spring mornings I have no problem getting out of bed but these days my bed is to warm and comfy to contemplate getting up and getting ready for the day.
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Use your Clothes dryers efficiently

washing drying

It has rained nonstop here for the last 2 weeks and I have found myself relying on my clothes dryer to get my washing dry.  With 3 kids tackling mount washmore is a trek I do too often.  We are lucky enough to have solar and I have been putting my dryer on in the middle of the day when we are lucky enough to have a few hours of sunshine.
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Which Appliances are you over working Already?

reduce your energy bills


Before winter hits are you already chewing through your energy?  I know it’s tempting to crank those heaters, however just remember the more you rely on it now the less effective it can be when winter hits.

Here are some appliances that you may be over working and some solutions to help you reduce your energy consumption on them.
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