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The National Energy Guarantee – who is it benefiting exactly?

What is the National Energy Guarantee?

Electricity Meter

The national energy guarantee (NEG) is an energy and climate policy introduced by the federal government, which right now is the only one in play. The NEG is made up of 2 parts:

1. A Reliability Guarantee, which is set up to deliver the correct amount of energy required to homes and business. It does not specify where the energy will come from only that it will be from ready to use sources such as coal, gas, hydro etc.
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Top Tips for choosing the most energy efficient appliance for your home

Picture of Fridge Freezer, Washing machine, TV, Air Con, Washing machine

We know that the purchase price of an appliance tends to be at the forefront of your mind when shopping, however try and push that to the side and also consider the annual running cost as well as the purchase price.  This will enable you to look at the true lifetime cost of the appliance.
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Buying the Right Light bulbs

Light bulb isle in a supermarket

Have you been to the supermarket to buy a lightbulb lately? You might find it a bit overwhelming.  There are literally hundreds to choose from.  The first hurdle can even trip many with what type of bulb to buy, anything from incandescent through to LED and everything in between can boggle the mind!
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Heating that doesn’t blow the budget

electric heater

Buying a heater is just the first peace of the puzzle once, you have bought your new heater and it has arrived at your home you need to ensure you use it efficiently to keep those winter heating bills down.

Avoid getting a winter electricity bill shock this year and follow these simple tips to keep those energy bills down through efficient usage and good preparation.  Before you put your heater on, be it electric or gas ensure you’re appropriately dressed.  Sometimes putting on your Ugg boots or a jumper can heat you up sufficiently, preventing the need to put on your heater.  While you’re at it stick on the kettle and grab yourself a cuppa and curl up on the sofa with a blanket.
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Stay Warm by Avoiding Bill Chill

electricity bills

Now the cold has set in don’t waste all that money you can spend on a summer holiday on your energy bill. Coming in to Winter we are asked by many of our readers and customers how to stay warm without spending a fortune, so here are some of our top tips to take the chill out of winter without taking the cash out of your wallet.
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